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Fly Fishing Tackle: Greys GX500 Fly Fishing Reel Review

Fly Fishing Tackle

Aside from being one of the oldest ways to procure food, fishing is also, amongst the most favored, relaxing, and pleasing variety of outdoor recreation there is. Fly fishing, also known as game fishing, is a popular method of recreational fishing. It is no wonder, therefore, that the demand for quality, heavy duty fishing equipment or fly fishing tackle is high. In line with that, here’s some fascinating information regarding Greys GX500 Fly fishing Reel.

Key Features ofGreys GX500 Reel

Let’s pretend that you are a beginner in fishing. Just by looking at the fishing tackle you would already observe that it is composed of 3 major parts: the line, the reel and the rod. The Reel contains the line and is connected to the rod. What do you think fly fishing enthusiasts look for in their reel? The answer is high durability and versatility – Greys GX500 is just that and more. Its die cast aluminium structure ensures that this is superbly a long-lasting fly fishing tackle. It’s definitely, an eye-catching reel with a large ported arbour that has a narrow width, designed for quick and accurate retrieve. The GX500 also features a special friction fit identification system that allows you to choose the correct line instantaneously. This system allows the angler to identify the characteristics of the line it contains including the core type, the line size and the sink profile. It has tri-grip handle for versatility and adaptability. Moreover, Greys GX500 Fly Fishing Reel has 51% glass filled spools which are reinforced. It comes with 2 spare spools.

More About Greys GX500 Reel

It is interesting to know that Greys GX500 Reel could be changed from right to left-handed retrieve or vice-versa, effortlessly without the aid of tools. Its elegant anodised aluminium frame is simply a thing of beauty. The GX500 Reel has a very exceptional Rulon drag system that is centralised. Rulon, by the way is a type of plastic that is very versatile and tough. It is known for having low friction, being scratch-proof, and highly-resistant to chemicals. It was named after Robert Rulon-Miller, the president of Dixon Industries Corporation which first produced the material in 1952 and is now produced by a company called, Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics. This material makes GX500 very lightweight and extremely sturdy.

Final Thoughts on Greys GX500 Reel

By now you are already convinced of how extremely remarkable Greys GX500 Reel is. But don’t make that decision just yet without hearing this. Greys GX500 is now available at a discounted price of £49.99 from £59.99. Isn’t it a great value for your money? It is also important to know that all of Greys fly fishing tackle also comes with a standard one year warranty from the date of purchase.

So when choosing your reel, Greys GX500 should be on top of that list!

Source by Tommy Lee Jones