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Stand Up Comedy Writing – Being Honest and Vulnerable

Stand Up Comedy Writing

Where stand up comedy writing is concerned, the more honest and vulnerable you are in your comedy shows, the more the audience will connect with you. Letting what you know and feel take control of your stand up comedy writing will open many more paths for you to find your jokes.

Using personal experience in your stand up comedy writing and improvising through the narrator and you as yourself views will help you uncover your true opinions. Sometimes you may even find that you are more opinionated about the subject than you originally thought. This will happen because you can say what you try feel without having to endure the consequences. Use the comedian in you to say all those things you have been thinking, but holding back.

You will discover that using other characters points of view when stand up comedy writing will allow you to say and do things that you would never dream of actually doing or saying in public. When the audience finds it offensive, you can blame the other character point of view. In most cases, using the right strategy, comedians can get away with a lot.

Once you have created your other characters in your stand up comedy writing, you can use them to say and do things that may get you into trouble with certain audiences if you were to do or say them yourselves. However, your character is someone who will most likely say or do those things without thinking about the consequences. By using this point of view for stand up comedy writing, you will often discover the opinions that others spend their lives hiding. As a comedian, it is your duty to express these opinions through your jokes framework.

Layering Points of View

The point of view concept of stand up comedy writing is simple in itself, but there are multiple variations that can be layered into a complex routine. Sometimes when writing stand up comedy, you may want to tell a joke as yourself with the narrator leaving sarcastic remarks, or you may want to be another character with a narrator explaining the situation. Another version of stand up comedy writing is that you can be a character becoming another character within the joke. There are a multitude of combinations using the three points of view, using just two or using all three. The more you experiment, the more you will discover.

Use While Practicing

When you talk about your real life experience in stand up comedy writing, the audiences will tend to find you the funniest. So when you practice a joke as an experience you will practice using the you as yourself, you as the narrator, and you as other characters points of views. Using these three points of view during the practice method will create a very vivid memory of the experience rather than just memorizing your joke. In the next chapter you will into more depth on how to use the different points of view while practicing and polishing your routine.

Style is not an issue when it comes to points of view in stand up comedy writing because you can always find one to fit your style. The more you use them the more you will notice how they apply to your routine through helping you with staging, acquiring new material, using present tense, personifying other characters, sharing your opinions, practicing and presenting. Knowing about the points of view and how to use them expands your possibilities as a comedian and brings fun to your routine.

Source by John Halas