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Pearland business leaders give tips for starting small business, from financial to networking advice – Houston Chronicle

Planned new businesses in Pearland will include Crust Pizza, which will join existing businesses in Pearland Parkway Marketplace at 2110 Pearland Parkway. Succeeding as a small business in Pearland requires a combination of networking, planning and tapping into available resources, local business officials say. To build a successful business in Pearland, you should use networking, find … Read more

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Important Summer Lawn Care Tips

Everyone wants to have a beautiful lawn that is the envy of the neighborhood, but a lot of people do not know how to achieve that beautiful, lush, healthy, green lawn during the warm summer months. It is actually not as hard as many people would think. If you follow these simple steps along with … Read more

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Lawn Mower Service

Reasons you should complete your lawn mower service The maintenance on lawn mowers, especially push mowers is very simple. The average home DIY type person can easily handle their own lawn mower service. With a few simple tools, and a little bit of elbow grease, you to can handle the upkeep on your mower. The … Read more

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Is "The Mentalist" a Blatant Ripoff of "Psych?"

This is the question that crept into my head upon first hearing of CBS’s “The Mentalist.” Being a huge fan of “Psych,” I was, of course, a little annoyed at the obvious similarities between the two shows. Both shows have an anti-authority, faux-psychic, hyper-observant man-child–Patrick Jane for Mentalist, Shawn Spencer for Psych–who uses his abilities … Read more

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Is it Worth Planning a Career in Welding?

However one may have selected welding as one’s profession for life, one should not dismiss planning as the most important ingredient in building one’s advancement. Why should one plan a career in welding? Because planning in advance is the only way to obtain outstanding results. Essentially it may be true for any career. But in … Read more

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