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What Is A Successful Entrepreneur Profile?

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What Does A Successful Entrepreneur Profile Look Like?

In a recent post. I talked a little bit about what it takes to become an entrepreneur. But there actually isn’t just one profile of an entrepreneur that spells success. You will discover incredibly intelligent people with lots of drive that fail. Then you’ll find those who have limited education and just happened to hit on the correct thing at the right time.

The truth is, that there are particular qualities that improve your probability of becoming a successful entrepreneur and they’re reasonably straight forward.

You have to be prepared to:

1) Have incredible drive. To not give up no matter what.

2) Be willing and open to learning each and every day.

3) Not sweat the little things.

4) Be solution oriented. Every situation has problems it is the way you look at them.

5) Be people oriented.

6) Risk everything.

Looking At The Facts

OK, so the bullets are great, but where’s the beef. The first point is pretty self explanatory. The second one is a bit tricky, the key word here is “open”. The vast majority of us have a fixed idea of what the best thing is to do. I definitely did, with my background and experience, I assumed I knew the right way to handle everything. The truth is, that I wasn’t open minded which effected my success.

So you should be willing to learn new things and new ways of considering each situation that comes up, if you are going to be a successful entrepreneur. Don’t allow your baggage and history get in the way of your success. Next, as I mentioned you cannot sweat the small things. Being an entrepreneur can be death by a thousand cuts if you let it. There are so many minute problems that will continue to get in the way of your success. If you ever let them get control and effect your attitude you will certainly fail.

So, in effect, issue’s three and four are joined at the hip. The best way to manage the little stuff is being solution oriented. Always look for the ways to resolve problems, don’t wallow in them.

But there is another element to this as well. Some issues cannot be solved. You will find a million small things that come up. When those issues arise, remind yourself that there’s a big picture at stake and refocus on it. Every now and then you just need to let the small stuff go. Be sure to put things in perspective of the big picture and it will positively effect your outcomes.

You Have To Be People Oriented

If I had to select one thing that I believe is critical to a successful entrepreneur profile, I would say it is the ability to be people oriented. I say this for 2 reasons. The first is that the better job you can do of interacting with folks the higher likelihood you will have of generating business.

The second reason is a little more subtle, but perhaps is much more important. If you’re a student of individuals and are really interested in them and what they’ve got to say, you’ll be better in tune with their wants and needs. In sales we call that their pains and pleasures. To have the ability to resolve someones pain and provide them something that gives them pleasure you’ve got to understand specifically what those things are that effect them. If you cannot do this, or you do not have somebody to partner with that can help you with that, then your success will probably be mostly based on luck.

Finally, if you’re really talking about a successful entrepreneur profile, you’re talking about somebody who is all in. They are the ones who believe so completely in what they are dong, that they’re ready to put everything they’ve got on their bet. That is why many entrepreneurs are famous for making a fortune, losing it and making it yet again, they are all in on every bet.

Source by Scott Schreiber

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