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Writing Stand Up Comedy – Point of View

Comedy Point of View

When writing stand up comedy, consider the point of view you use in your stand up act. Comedy writers who use different characters are completely into the character point of view and comedians who use observations use the narrator point of view. However, most comics tend to use a variety of all three points of view.

The following exercise can improve your success at writing stand up comedy because you will learn to utilize the three points of view through four different stages. In stage one, you will be you as yourself in an argument. In stage two, you will become the other person using the you as other character point of view in the argument. In stage three, you will argue back and forth between the other character and you. In stage four, you will use all three points of view for writing stand up comedy. In particular, you will use yourself as the narrator to set the scene and make remarks throughout while the you and other characters point of views are arguing back and forth.

As a setup for this exercise, here are some guidelines to follow:

• You must create an argument between you and another adult.

• The other adult needs to be someone you can personify because you will only be this other adult in stage two.

• You must argue standing face to face.

• Multiple problems need to be included so that the argument will last for three to four minutes.

To help ensure the success of this exercise and writing stand up comedy, base this argument on a real argument that you have had. You do not need to reenact the exact argument, rather use it as a beginning point to get you started. Have fun and let the argument become whatever you want it to. You can even use this as an opportunity to say all those things that you wish you had said before.

Just as a caution, try not to use a recent argument or one that is close to your heart. This exercise is meant as a tool for learning and writing stand up comedy, not to analyze your life.

Using these guidelines, choose your argument. Now that you have chosen your argument and understand the different roles, you can get started with the exercise. One more thing; you may want to have a pencil and paper handy for notes. Successfully writing stand up comedy depends on many factors and choosing an effective point of view is a crucial consideration.

Source by John Halas